Hello Gals!

This is my first entry about my week like a diary. I know it´s not so interesting but I want to wear more rokku gyaru in my life and I hope you can see my development from now on.
Gyaru is a part of my life since three years and I think I´m not really better than at the beginning.
Like my bad English I wanna practising it so often I can.
Here are my start.

selfi from tuesday

Outfit of the day (wednesday)
chocker: ebay
Necklace: New Yorker
Blouse: New Yorker
Skirt: C&A
Belt: … don´t know T_T
Tights: Primark
Over the knee socks: Primark
Shoes: Roland Shoes

The following pictures are from today. I had so much fun with my best friend Steph !
We eat Sushi at our favourite sushibar called “Mylicous” and drink some icetea !
After the lunch we go shopping and take some pics together :) !
Thank you honey for the awesome day!


Necklace: Six
Dress: Sammydress
Tights: Primark
Fluffys: No Name
Shoes: H&M

  My haul today :) a cute dress, a fake fur collar and a crop top from H&M ! It glows in the dark *_*

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