Hey guys!!

Today I wanna write something about my beautiful weekend in Frankfurt! And yes, I try to write in English course so many people from UK and Canada read my blog (I saw it on my readers scale) and I´m sad, that they couldn’t understand my posts when I write German. So, I hope my English is not to bad … and you understand my weird posting.

On Friday, my best friend Steph and me went to Frankfurt by “Fernbus” at 9:30 Am – and “Oh my gosh” I was so tired. After 4 hours, in the bus, we arrived in Frankfurt and check in at the mk hotel. It´s only 4 min from the train station and so we had no problems with our baggage.
After we took our stuff in the hotel room, we decided to go shopping in the city! I want to Primark, because in my Location (at home) there are no Primark and so it´s a kind of special for me.
Also we shop some new cool cloths for Steph, and yes he look so damn hot in his new outfit! You can see it on the pictures we took together.

At 9pm we come back to the hotel and chill, because it was a little bit strenuous xD ! We saw “Anastasia” on TV and ate some delicious Asian food. I love mochis!
On Saturday the main Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet up starts at one o´clock in the afternoon, we met everyone on the train station and after a few minutes we take a train to the location. This year we had a new location. A mix from karaoke and disco. Unfortunately, it was very dark there. Thus I mad too less photos :( … but like the last year I want to make a “Follow me around” video on youtube, then you can see the whole programme.
This time I was lucky ! I won a prize at the raffle :D Grey wool thighs, I forgot also to take a pic of it. But I will show you all in the video.
Another great thing, that happened to me was the nomination in 2 categories!!! I can´t believe it. In “best nail” and “best rokku gyaru” ! I don´t won in one of this categories but I am sooooo fucking happy with the nomination ♥
This is my goal to make it better in the next time, I want to get more well in rokku gyaru and post more things on my blog.

The day was amazing, we had so much fun and I met the sweetest gyaru of the world: Lily ! She is my little angel and I miss her so much at this moment. Lily and me don´t know each other before the event, but we talk a lot and it feels like we are friends since a long time.
She has a great style and she is the new “Mrs Gyaru Lover” ! Together with Hans the new “Mr. Gyaru Lover” ! A very cool gyaruO guy :D !

At 20 o´clock the main event was over. We go back to the hotel and take us ready for disco, but I was destroyed from the day and need a little break. Hans write Steph that we meet us in a restaurant near the train station called “New World”. The Chinese food was so tasty! But after that I was so tired, I only want to fell in sleep.
First we did not want to go out any more, nevertheless, finally we were persuaded still to the "room party" by Wesley.

… at 2 AM on Sunday I fall in my bed ! And at 13 o´clock we take the bus back to Freiburg , … I miss all of the gals and guys …. and hope we meet as soon as possible. 

Awwwrrr Lily and me ♥ we are ying and yang! :D

hahaha xD omg so funny

Sarah and me :) ! She won the best rokku gyaru categorie!!! ♥
Jeva, me and Yoana <3 so cute girls ! Hope we us meet very soon again.
destroyed me xD

Best Gyarusquad

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  1. Awww it was so nice to meet you! What a pity that i didn´t met you before....where have u been all my life :`D!
    I am glad that you had fun and I hope we will meet again very soon!
    Great Post