Not My Day

Hello sweethearts!

Today I felt sick! ._. Stomach ache, Headache and feeling uncomfortable :(
It was not my day! Even my contact lenses are not yet arrived today : (
And when I went home, I have committed a sin. I eat some sweets 
- I eat some chocolate - _ -
So much for diet: ( There is unfortunately no photo because I feel so bad. I did not even need to edit pictures, let alone to make the photos. When will I just be okay? I hope very soon, for me at the weekend are in for a photo project. What exactly is happening there, I'm sorry you can only tell you on Saturday or Sunday evening. Tomorrow is my second last day of my internship, I hope I hold on it, because I still feel sick and have severe pain.
When I told my mom that I'm still not doing well, she promised me she would do tomorrow pasta / spaghetti for me - is that not sweet?

Well, unfortunately there is only this short entry, because I am broken.

I wish you a good night my dears.
Your Tamiko ^ ^ ~ ♥

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