First Entry ^ ^~♥

Hello and Welcome to my Hime Diary writen by Tamiko Hisao,
but pleas call me Tami.
I'm a 18 year old girl who lives in Germany near Freiburg and at this moment I visit a "Berufskolleg" for photograph.
Oh, yes I love it to take photos and plan shootings.
But I still have so many other hobbies like modeling, shopping ..., however, to those we come later ^ ^°

In this Blog I would like to tell you about my life, friends and hobbies. About things I act so...
about the Cyber Gothic style, Gyaru Hime style and my own style  >^ w ^<
and other things in my life so happen. Ok- but now some  facts about me and my charakter :3

You know my name are Tamiko (18) I´m a freaky girl from Germany. My motto: ... life is too short on not to joy every day.
You can say about me what you want, only not I am normal! Since "be normal" is boring !
My hobbies are modeling, photograf, dress up every day, make up, drawing and shopping :D oh, and i love it to sing and dance ^ ^ ~♥  but i never had enoth time to tell you all about me in only one post. But I think from time to time you know more :) 

Oh, I dont knowe what I would write at my first entry here ... hm - let me tell you something from my weekend ^o^

From yesterday to sunday I sleep by my boyfrind, he was very (we said in Germany) "kuschelbedürftig" because we have not seen us 2 weeks long. Together we looked G.I. Joe Geheimauftrag Cobra but I was so tired and asleep in his arm. Than he drove me home where we drank a coffee with my parents. It was very funny -^o^- After he had gone, went my family and I to a Chinese restaurant in Waldkirch the food was so tasty, . . . . . supid-wise me felt sick ( T _ T )

Springrolls, rice and crunchy chicken  - yummi (*Q*")

~ So, thats all for now ~
bye bye ~ ♥  *meow*

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