Late Post - _ -°

       Hi Girlys!

Still a very late post. But I have to just baked a cake just yet, because my last day at the internship tomorrow!And normally I would lie in bed for a long time. But my dad made me a tempting offer next year (2012) Thailland to fly. One week wellness holiday in a beautiful resort! Of course I could not stand back and ventured a look into the Internet. Yes, I do not know yet if it really works, but you can dream it - right? ^ _ ~ There should be 7 days, between stop in Bangkok - shopping * _ *!

Oh that really should work then I would be very, very happy!
I would have you determined a lot to tell and show. I just hope it works and if not next year in February when it determined otherwise.But now I should really go to bed. Because at 10 clock begins the last day in the photo trade ... :(

I wish you a good night sweethearts

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