Tuesday And IKEA Furniture

Hello dear ones,

I do not think my life just like me ...
- Contending with my mother
- lack of money
- a lot of pain + A fat cold
It was so beautiful and the weekend promised a great start to the last week of holiday. Well today again the next shock -_- Monday and Tuesday I will have school until 17:15 clock ...What am I doing wrong? ... - . - The next bad news lies not in coming Monday, the school is written thesis in BAT !!!
I would prefer to hide under a blanket now and wait until everything is better again.
Yesterday my mother took me to the IKEA. Bought a small makeup mirror and two boxes for my bathroom. Then we went to drink a cappuccino, and so the Monday then went to the end.

But today ... ?? - Disastrous
Hopefully soon everything will be good (TT _ TT)

Just now have my dad and my sister started with me in our new shoe wardrobe to build on. ^ ^ ... He goes on just not as IKEA again defective parts to delivergt (> _ <)

- Oh man what a stupid and scheduled days -

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report ... until tomorrow then
love greetings


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