~ * ~ Finally, Sleep Times ~ * ~

Hey my darlings,

Today I was able to sleep for the first time, albeit not entirely voluntarily, because I unfortunately not heard about my alarm clock. I should have gone back again to the photo project, but I was so exhausted from 40 hours per week in the operation I was just not awake. Of course I felt bad when I looked at the alarm clock by 14 and noticed that I'd have to get up at 9 clock to be there on time. Unfortunately, I could not change it.The weather was just awful! It rained all night. For this reason, my sleep was very restless between 22:10 and 5:00 clock I woke up again and again sporadically. As already said, I woke up at 14 clock and got a fright. After I realized that my baby firstonce still asleep next to me I stood up to make breakfast.
No one was home, neither my mother nor my sister, my dad. I remembered that my grandmother had a birthday this Sunday and made myself a coffee.

Oh yes, I need a coffee every day. I love this drink, I usually drink 3 cups a day never less * _ * ~ ♥

When everything was ready on the table, I gently woke my boyfriend and went with him breakfast. Then we decided to take a little walk through my place of residence. It was really nice ^ __ ^

 Yes long time we have only argued but that Sunday it was really amazing!

Oh, yes it was very, very cold. Shows in our faces - but above all to my slightly red nose (> _ <)
My curling iron is slowly on the mind (TT _ TT)

Like shadow pictures ^ o ^ ~ ♥

That day I first wore my new contact lenses, they are super friendly! and very compfortable. The brown looks very natural and can only look at all accurate to conclude that they are lenses. From farther away, it's hardly noticeable (^ o ^) ♪ Unfortunately the picture is slightly blurred ... I have noticed is unfortunately too late. You get a picture on the soon repays you in the eye lens is in focus.

Oh I just noticed that we have two already half ... then yes you would think einfahc hich this blog written before Monday morning ^ ^ ° 

During car to write the music I've heard the:

So I wish you a good start to the week ^ _ ^ * nyan *
Until today / tomorrow night  (: _ :)
Your Tamiko

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