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Hay sweetys

Today I woke up with severe headaches came on to leg cramps ... very painful . Since I could not work such pain, I was forced to stay home ... and that in my last weeks work placement - _ -
I said to my mother's modest and got from her a magnesium tablet that I should solve in water - which I did!
In the hope that the seizures disappeared after the bubbling stuff, I still put myself through 20 minutes. And indeed, the pain became weaker.At the breakfast bell rang suddenly, unexpectedly at the door. It was my order of Bonprix.So I went after the meal, with the packet in my room to look at my bargain.

Let us look a little short dare look at my selection ...

Outfit N° 1  : white blouse with a brown belt, gray jeans 
(unfortunately two dress sizes too big) and white sandals

Outfit N° 2: transparent blouse in creamy-white, sweet necklace 
and a pale blue jeans ( These pants are also 2 size too big) to nice conjac colored sandals 

Outfit N° 3: pink jumpsuit (very, very compfortable!) 
combined with pink leisure shoes

 Outfit N°4: Sweet black sweater (baggy) with a heart application on it . (Unfortunately, not visible in the photo) with very dark jeans (and again too large ...) and pink pumps

Outfit N° 5: white ruffle top with lace, denim vest and 
again the bright pink jeans with pumps

 I ordered a total of 20 items. But I'll still have to decide exactly what I keep. One thing is sure, the pants have to go unfortunately. ... siem faces wide hips and thick thighs: (
Between these shoes it is very difficult to decide.

 The sweet necklace and the cardigan are in close range.

Now I'm just waiting on my brown contact lenses ^ ^ ~ ♥ hope they come tomorrow :D .... if they are as I tell it to you ♥
As of Wednesday, I would like to go on a diet because I am somehow uncomfortable. Let's see if I can pull through ... in a week I do a little report about how it's going, whether I've already lost fat and if my stomach has become less extent. ... so thats all for now sweethearts

Your Tamiko ^ ^ ~♥

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